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At most Danish missions, you will need to make an appointment before handing in your passport application. For information on how to book an appointment or how to contact the embassy’s consular department, please see left hand column or the top of the page under “Contact Us” (at embassy websites). You will also need to bring supporting documents, pay a fee and have your old passport cancelled. Below please find further details on how to apply.
buy a fake danish passport online near me

buy a fake danish passport online near me

How to apply for or renew your biometric Danish passport online?

You must submit the passport application in person (regardless of age) at a Danish mission or at any ‘Borgerservicecenter’ at a municipality in Denmark.

Please be advised that it is a condition when applying for any Danish passport, that you are either registered as a Danish citizen in the CPR, or if you do not have a Danish CPR number, that you can provide proof of your Danish nationality by submitting relevant documentation. If you are registered with another nationality, you will not be able to apply for a new passport and will have to contact the “Folkeregister” in the municipality where you lived last or where the registration took place. If in doubt about how you are registered, please contact the “Folkeregister” here.

The mission will take a digital photograph and collect fingerprints as well as a digital signature. All of these will be used in your new biometric passport.

Adult passports are valid for 10 years.

Which documentation is required?

  1. One ‘Application Form’ per person – completed and signed. Please download the ‘Application Form’ here
  2. Your current or latest passport
  3. First-time applications only – if you have never held a Danish passport before or if your latest passport expired more than 2 years ago:
    Original Birth Certificate – both parents’ names must appear on the Certificate – the original version of parents’ Marriage Certificate if you were born abroad before 1.7.2014 and only your father was Danish. Please note that some documents may need to be legalized: Legalisation (Apostille)
  4. Your Certificate of Danish Nationality, if you have been issued one (Statsborgerretsbevis/Indfødsretsbevis). This certificate is for individuals born outside of Denmark or for those who did not acquire Danish Nationality at births.

  5. Original documentation of your name change if you have changed your name after the issuance of your current passport.
  6. For information about specific documentation required in the country that you are applying from, please see left-hand column “Practical information” (at embassy website).


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