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Alabama Fake ID is a reproduction of the real DL, made from PVC it looks exactly like the original ID. We have included an UV coating to prevent the ID from scanning machines. The front of this card includes all necessary elements, date of birth, photo, signature etc. Our fake id card is printed using the only quality materials. Alabama fake id cards are printed using professional equipment at high resolutions so that it can be scanned with ease. We want you to have a good time ordering your new Alabama fake id!

Our Alabama fake ID has the most holograms and visual security of any fake ID we carry. Just like our other IDs, it is printed on PVC card stock and contains a full-color picture and UV coating. Get your hands on an Alabama fake ID fast with our same day processing. Order now and get it by the end of the day! We are not like other fake ID websites out there that claim to be able to make you an ID.

We are the only fake ID website to actually deliver within 5 days! We provide all you need to successfully pass as 21+ years of age (ID, hologram, magnetic stripe, barcode, date of birth). Our fakes are identical in every way to real-life IDs with UV and Magnetic Ink. Looking for a great fake ID? Look no further! Our Alabama fake ID are top quality fakes that are indistinguishable from the real thing. Look and feel totally different from the rest.

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Fakes id store is the world number one fake id vendor, We provide high quality Alabama Fake IDs made by holograms that scan, flourescent elements, UV features, etc. as used by all USA driving license. All of our products as same as original driving license and ID cards from USA. Are you looking to buy ID card for your teen, college student, or the latest member of your family? You can never be too young or too old. If you are worried about your teen turning 21 years old without an ID Card, then what are you waiting for? The sooner you get them started with one, the better off they will be. The time to act is now, so browse through our collection of First Time Buyer’s Alabama Fake IDs issued by the state of Alabama.

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2 reviews for Alabama Driver License AL Fake ID

  1. Lee

    when i first read the reviews i was a little skeptical, this was my third time ordering ID’s (the first two were awful and from different sites), but i have been pleasantly surprised. this website is super easy to use, super easy to pay and the ID’s came in 2 weeks. on top of it the ID’s were SPOT ON!!! I held them up to a real illinois one and they were identical, no flaws at all and they all scanned. we did a group order and there were 11 of us, super cheap when you get a group (around $45 a person). i will definitely recommend fakesistore to anyone looking to get fakes

  2. John M. Lee

    After having tried two previous sites to get ids, litfakes and fakeyourdrank, and getting burned by both decided to make one last attempt and try fakesidstore. Not only did I receive the id that was ordered but the turn around time was extremely fast. I did pay for the express shipping but I received the id in 11 days from the date it was ordered. With every fake there is skeptics so I download 7 different id scanning apps and the id passed everyone. If I have any further needs in the future this will be the company I go with. Great turn around time and product delivered as promised unlike the previous 2 sites

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