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buy fake belgian passport near me, If you’re a foreign resident who lives in Belgium and you are qualified for an Belgian passport when you meet the requirements to receive Belgian citizenship. Learn more about the Belgian passport requirements, renewal procedure and much more by reading this guide. near me online

Belgium is one of the EU country that allows dual nationality. This means you won’t have to give up your initial citizenship unless your country of origin requires it to. A Belgian passport allows the traveler to freely travel throughout the EU and will also mean that you can travel around the world in the capacity of an EU citizen.

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This information guide on Belgian passports contains details such as:


It is the Belgian Passport online has a biometric design, which has an electronic chip that contains the passport holder’s most important personal information. Belgium was among the first countries to begin making digital passports back in 2004, and the first passport that is biometric that includes fingerprints was introduced in 2014. It is an ordinary burgundy-colored book as are the majority of European passports. They are available in either a 35-page or a 60-page versions. The front page is comprised of the person who holds the passport’s photo as well as signature, important personal information, and the passport ID number. near me online

The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs issue passports for Belgium. The following types of passports are issued:

  • The standard biometric passport that is issued to every citizen. near me online
  • Diplomatic passports are issued to officials of the state as well as those belonging to the Royal Family.
  • Service passports granted to public servants who carry their official duties overseas.
  • Temporary passport issued for situations of emergency. The green passport is in effect for six month however.

    When you become the Belgian citizen, you will need to obtain an identity card is not required. Every Belgian citizen and residents receive the digital ID card that allows you to travel in 50 countries, including within the EU however, the Belgian passport permits you to:

    • You can leave and re-enter Belgium at any time you want without restriction as long as the passport is in good condition
    • Travel around the globe as an Belgian and also an EU citizen
    • are dual citizens and possess two passports that are valid, provided your home country is able to allow dual citizenship.
    • travel to 117 countries without visas. The Belgian passport rank is 16 the tenth globally according to the Passport Index near me online

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