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South Carolina fake IDs for saleHere you will find an in-depth scan of the actual South Carolina ID card. It is possible to check your fake ID against the image displayed on this page to verify whether the fraudulent ID card is in fact the actual ID of the state which means you can save it to use. Below is a full description of the details about details of the South Carolina state IDidesign and its features.

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South Carolina is nicknamed “The Palmetto State”. It is the fourth state in terms of size (32,020 sq miles) as well as the 22nd largest state in terms of the population of more than 4.961 million inhabitants. Its capital city is Columbia and the most populous town is Charleston. The slogan in South Carolina is “While I Breathe I Hope”. The minimum age for serving the liquor in South Carolina is 18, while the minimum age required to be a bartender is 21. You must be at fifteen years old to get the official identification card in South Carolina

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