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Fake Kentucky ID


Fake Kentucky ID. For those of you leaving for college this summer, you can now live like any local. The state

corrects for the change in the earth’s axis and offers a real driving license with a hologram embedded on it. This novelty ID

offers a fun new way to aspire to a life that’s more independent and empowering. If you’re going to college, or just want new cards, buy some faux IDs today from the best novelty store in town… Indiana Divers Supply!

This fake ID is made from an authentic state issued ID, giving the holder a sense of legitimacy for all their partying. Id has been printed onto a sturdy plastic card and finished off with a light blue laminate cover to give the look of an authentic state issued card. The double sided fake id makes it even more convincing.

Place your order right here. Order the most sophisticated Kentucky fake IDs on the web. We are so confident in what we have to offer that if you aren’t happy with your purchase, you get a full refund of every penny. Our resident graphic artist will work with you to deliver you an ID card that is guaranteed to get past anyone who views it by the naked eye. We take pride in our work, and it shows!

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