Iowa Driver License IA Fake ID (NEW IA)

1 person


for 2 IDs.
2 or more persons each


for 4 or more IDs.
4 or more persons each


for 8 or more IDs.




IOWA (NEW IA) fake id for sale|

fake id for sale, buy Iowa fake driving license near me, Options available The driver’s license as well as State identity.

Printer Material The card prints on a heightened material that ensures the the bent test for every ID.

Validity 5 years.

Template used We are currently using the valid Idaho licence template for forged IDs. This style of cards will be extended until 2020. fake id for sale

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Security Replications:

  • The security laminate on the front of the card has the Idaho tri-color visual variable highlight gold ink which glows in the UV light.
  • The background is blue, and features intricate lines that run through the photo of the person who is the cardholder and the ghost image of it to the right of the bottom.
  • The Idaho laser-perforated map can be seen on the right-hand side on the back of this card, under ultraviolet light. fake id for sale
  • A pattern that depicts the state’s name “IDAHO” can also be seen on the reverse side of the card.
  • A rough outline of the state and ‘ IDAHO‘ will appear twice when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Scannable Features:

  • The reverse of the card has two barcodes, one of which has the manufacturing number, which is located on the top right, and the second barcode is a 2-dimensional code that gives the details regarding the license owner.

IOWA (NEW IA) fake id for sale| are iowa fakes good| buy fake drivers license online


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