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Michigan Fake ID For Sale

Michigan Fake ID is an affordable high-quality novelty fake ID for use as a replacement for your real ID to the b

Michigan Fake ID
Michigan Fake ID

ar. With the quality and craftsmanship of this novelty fake ID, no one can tell it apart from a real ID


Our Michigan Fake is a replica of a real drivers license from the state of Michigan. We have templates for both color and black and white copies. Our ID cards will not scan, they only look identical to the real license.

Everyone knows that fake ids are great for buying alcohol; however, you’ll be surprised at how many places accept fake ids. Not only do fake ids enable teenagers to buy alcohol, but they also allow you to rent a car without needing your parent’s credit card, book certain cruises, stay in hotels across the country, and more!

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We are proud to offer you this Michigan fake id. This is one of our newest products, and we are very confident you will be satisfied with the results!

Michigan Fake ID are for sale for us. All of our Michigan fakes are costumers favorites, because they scan or the ultraviolet light test.

FakesIDStore.com is the premier fake ID site in the web. We are operating since 2013 and it is our main goal to offer you high quality fake ID at very reasonable prices. Our team of talented designers works hard to deliver customized novelty cards, with the top premium holograms produced by German printers to produce authentic looking ID cards, driver licenses and other US documents. We offer money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your order or the products,

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Skip the wait in line and the outdated bars. Our Michigan Fake Id is great for partying with friends or playing at a bar. Multiple designs available. Show your friends a good time with a Michigan Fake ID.

Want to be 21? Now you can be with our very own Michigan Fake ID! This realistic looking ID is scannable and has a working magnetic strip.

Michigan Fake ID has been trusted by many college students across the state. The Michigan fake id includes a scan-able bar code on the back which can be used to check the authenticity of your Michigan ID.

Michigan Fake ID . We offer high quality replicas from $50-$300+. All of our cards are scanned and guaranteed to pass, you can order from us with confidence!

Our Michigan fake ids are guaranteed to pass out in and around the greater Detroit area. We have been producing these for a decade now, and have never had an order get out into public.

Our Michigan fake ID cards are 100% accurate and guaranteed to scan. You will not get caught out with our fake ID as they are all professionally created using state of the art IT software.

Got chores to do? Let us worry about it. The best fake id in Michigan can be bought here and delivered straight to your doorstep! You’ll be ready to order a beer at any bar or liquor store before you know it!

Looking to buy a fake id in the state of Michigan? Then you have come to the right place. Our fake ids are printed on PVC plastic, with ultraviolet protection and a holographic overlay. To get started finding your dream fake id please select your state from the drop down menu located below.

Are you a student, who is off to college from another state and needs a Michigan ID?

We have a great selection of fake id cards and we provide premium quality item. We have been doing business here for a while, which means we can provide Fake Ids that scan and black light test positive.

Fake IDs are some of the most popular items we’ve offered and have been featured on many television shows including MTV’s True Life, Fox News, Smosh, and many more! We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of IDs in our online shop, at music festivals including Burning Man and Electric Forest, to top colleges and universities such as MIT, Stanford University, Columbia University, Rutgers University, Northwestern University and more!

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