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South Carolina Fake ID

South Carolina fake ID is made to replicate the look and feel of a real state driver’s license without the proof required by bouncers, nightclub staff and law enforcement. There are thousands of college students ordering sc fake ids for underage drinking and party hopping in college towns across South Carolina; Charleston, Columbia and Myrtle Beach.

This South Carolina fake id is made to help you get into bars, nightclub, concert and so on. The scannable 1-D bar code and the magnetic stripe are printed on the back of your scannable fake identification, so when you swipe it at the bouncer’s door scanner, the information shows up just like a real drivers license.

For those of you who aren’t aware, we offer a Fake ID service with details and pricing located on our security page. It is far easier to only make the changes we require and actually be able to use it. If for some reason you think we can help and want to talk about it before making a purchase, send us an email and we’ll set something up.

Are you in need of an ID from South Carolina?

South Carolina Fake ID, Fake identification cards from South Carolina are the hottest topic today. It is very easy for us to design you a card that can be used for any purpose you might have, whether it be passing a bar check, purchasing beer, getting into clubs or even bribing cops.

When you have a fake of South Carolina ID, you can access more activities and venues. Use it wisely to avoid being put in a position you don’t want to be in.


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10 reviews for South Carolina Fake ID

  1. katharina

    Excellent quality and prompt arrival…
    Excellent quality and prompt arrival time, I use this site often.

  2. Naz

    They are the best
    They are the best,
    I ordered and everything was fine

  3. hillary

    Great service!
    It was easier getting an ID, fast from a better professional. GLOBEIDS• they sent my ID fast. I’d definitely, recommend their service, to all. Send a message, to them on lnstaggram I’m greatly pleased

  4. Luke

    Am really grateful for what you did for me, after been scam 3 time i found you guys finally i got a card thank you all fakesidstore

  5. Zaky

    Yes they are one of the most legitimate vendors in the market right now. IT is ranked as featured for a reason shout out to fakesidstore

  6. Monochrome

    Easy to set up and use
    Easy to set up and use. Two months in and everything is working great. It must be coincidence that all the bad reviews on here are from illiterate morons.

  7. naomi

    Good job !
    fakesidstore arrive in 10 days

  8. Bruce

    The license number is in the correct format as issued by the DMV for every MA ID. Your DOB might be questioned because your blurred photo gives an impression that you are younger than what is on the paper. Otherwise the micro & raised-printing is one of the best i’ve seen so far, Thank you Fakesidstore

  9. John M. Lee

    Ordered from Fakesidstore: Total 8 fake ids and received 16 (1 free dupe with each id) – The cost of each id (excluding the clone) is $65. This does not include the additional 55 USD for express shipping. So, to start. Fakesidstore let me choose different states for each person in a group order. This is a good start for anyone looking to get an ID of their choice. Unlike other vendors, that will force you to select one state id for every person in your group.

    Most ids ordered were of Texas including Maryland and Virginia each. The package arrived together with all the ids enclosed in a secret compartment. The disguising wasn’t bad. It also contained duplicates in a separate compartment. The package took 5 days in total considering the order was group I would say the timeframe is impressive. The quality of the Texas ids is way ahead of the counterparts. They all contain real id star. The micro is bad ass. & the laser-engraving over signature with DOB and initials was spot on. The Maryland license has the best color matching for a fake. Virginia’s curled initials had a little dirt mark over the ghost photo. All in all 9/10 for this order and would definitely recommend it to other people in future. The photos of my order are proof and posted

  10. dwinn

    customer services where excellent.
    All the customer service agents are great.

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