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South Carolina fake id for sale online, NEWEST DMV RELEASED SOUTH CAROLINA!

Description: The new South Carolina license has a 1D and 2D barcode located on the back of the ID. They vary from having a “REAL ID” star or they will say “NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION”, both are valid.

Printing Material: The new South Carolina fake id is printed on Teslin. The old version was printed on PVC and feels different. The new material is a bit more flimsy than the old.

South Carolina fake id for sale online,

Term: Expiration is 8 years from the original issue date. The prior expiration on the old South Carolina issued by the DMV was 10 years.

Security Features

  • Bright UV on the front of the id card of complex guilloche pattern


  • The driver’s license number is 9 unspaced numbers and uncoded in sequential order. In other words, they randomly generate the license number with no algorithm.


  • This ID uses a multi-spec hologram which looks like an overlay that doesn’t fully extend over the ID.


  • 2D and 1D Barcode are both scannable to pass. You will have no issue with this scannable fake id.

Alcohol Sales & Service Guidelines for South Carolina

South Carolina fake id for sale online

– Age to consume: 21
– Age to serve: 18
– Age to pour: 21
– Age to sell (packaged): No minimum age if selling sealed containers
– Minors allowed on-premise? The legal age to possess, purchase or consume alcohol is 21.

– Penalties for serving or selling to a minor: Misdemeanor


Columbia Fake ID Lawyer | Fraudulent Driver’s License › student-defense-lawyer › fake-id

If you were charged with using or possessing a fake ID, you could face serious … For example, a student at the University of South Carolina. … Purchase alcohol at a liquor store, restaurant, or bar; Gain admittance to an over-21 bar or club … on the offender’s criminal record, which is available 


Information: Our South Carolina fake id is printed on Teslin. Scannable 1D and 2D bar codes on the back.

All ids made by are flawless and can be used anywhere without any worry.


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