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Texas fake ID for sale. Texas is a state in the South of the United States. It is the 2nd largest state by territory size and population as well. The capital city is Austin, but the largest and most populous city is Houston. Since it was an independent region in the past, this state acquired the nickname “The Lone Star State”. A small part of the local population speaks Spanish fluently, as this state takes place on the border with Mexico. The state’s motto is: “Friendship”.

Texas fake ID for sale The minimum drinking age in Texas is 21. This age was established in 1984 by the government of the United States. The age of 21 is considered the age of majority when the younger generation is allowed to publicly consume and purchase alcohol. Young people under 21 are prohibited to take alcohol in private or public places. They are not able to visit the city places of nightlife, including bars, nightclubs, pubs, drinking games, friends’ parties, where alcohol is offered.

However, Texas alcohol regulations accept some small allowances. Local minors can drink alcoholic beverages in the presence of a parent, age spouse, or other legal adult relatives. Anyway, the party with the parents and with alcohol at the same time can’t be a fun idea, is it?

Fakesidstore.com has a wonderful solution for underage young people. We produce fake identity documents that are supposed to change the age or anything that you want to modify in your personal data. Our customers are usually underage students who want to start their adult life earlier than 21. They are already studying or working. They are able to drive a car, vote, and even go to war, if necessary. But they are forbidden to go out and drink with friends in the bar. Why?

Thus, if you are under age one and you want to get into nightlife or just take some alcoholic drinks home yourself, you need to order our fake ID card. Some minors make it at home with available materials that are actually is not efficient, as homemade forged IDs work 30-40%. It is quite hard to get all the necessary fine details and make it perfect without special equipment. Texas fake ID for sale

On the other hand, buying a fake ID made by specialists is a much better decision. We have a well-experienced team that has already issued thousands of fake IDs. 95% of our fake IDs are scannable and passable; they have a complete combination of all security elements. Our customers can use Texas fake IDs in order to obtain alcohol anywhere across the United States. Texas fake ID for sale

If you are going to Texas to have a party or so, we recommend visiting the most popular bar among the locals such as Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar in Austin. There are also some cool crawling tours like Dallas Party Bike in Dallas PubCrawler of Austin in Austin. Party buses full of beer and other fascinating drinks will take you and your friends around the city with great fun and dancing on the way!

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  1. Edmond

    Ordered from Fakesidstore: Total 8 fake ids and received 16 (1 free dupe with each id) – The cost of each id (excluding the clone) is $65. This does not include the additional 75 USD for express shipping. So, to start. Fakesidstore let me choose different states for each person in a group order. This is a good start for anyone looking to get an ID of their choice. Unlike other vendors, that will force you to select one state id for every person in your group.

    Most ids ordered were of Texas including Maryland and Virginia each. The package arrived together with all the ids enclosed in a secret compartment. The disguising wasn’t bad. It also contained duplicates in a separate compartment. The package took 5 days in total considering the order was group I would say the timeframe is impressive. The quality of the Texas ids is way ahead of the counterparts. They all contain real id star. The micro is bad ass. & the laser-engraving over signature with DOB and initials was spot on. The Maryland license has the best color matching for a fake. Virginia’s curled initials had a little dirt mark over the ghost photo. All in all 9/10 for this order and would definitely recommend it to other people in future. The photos of my order are proof and posted

  2. FLIP

    Fakesidstore. overlay on the card is adjusted using the right amount of heat. I have compared their Kansas fake id with a real driver’s license. Both have extreme similarities. You can hardly find any bubble below the laminates or spot an irregular surface. The same id from IDGOD has a dirt mark on the QR code on the back. This maybe due to the difference of the cartridges used by Fakesidstore. Their equipment looks way ahead of the other fake id services in the market. You may use IDGod or IDTop for pranking your friend but a fake id with a dirt mark on its scannable area will never swipe or scan through a scanning machine.

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